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I Will Sleep in My Car (4.07 MB)
On the Other Side of the Planet (4.72 MB)
Aurelia (2.67 MB)


Turn to the Back
I Will Sleep in My Car
Frustrating Occurrences
On the Other Side of the Planet
Adolescent Astronauts
New Arrangement
Sophie Say Something

^ Blast
I can still hear the blast. Why was I the last to know? I hate that sound, that report of demise. It's an ending, unhappy as it is. I'll take this all in. What I wouldn't give to blast away all of my envious day, back to a time that still made sense. Before friends became enemies, and life still had a chance. I've got a hot date with handgun, but I could never paint. Crimson and eggshell are bad colors to learn with. So for now, I'll hug the pillows to my ears. And I'll throw a shout out to suffocating your memory in me. In that same fleeting moment, when I thought for an instant that I was good, and capable of something pure. That's a time that now rests, dormant and fading in the back of the ice cold expanse that is my apartment. What I wouldn't give for a chance.

^ Turn to the Back
Go where you want to go. Turn where you want to turn. Live where you want to live. See how this all ends. Tell me you've read a few pages. Tell me it works out. Tell me that you know how this all ends. Tell me it works out. Tell me that this all has a reason. Tell me it works out. Tell me that I am still alive. Tell me it works out. But it's not the same for me. I wish it were that simple. I wish that I could leave. You can't know me. It's not the same.

^ Aurelia
The way your hair falls down, cascading with sunrise. Counting every strand, falling down your face. Aurelia. Each day starts anew, with you there staring back. Your smile changes things. Makes everything make sense to me. Aurelia. Where'd you go? I called your home. I called you home. At least that's how I remember it.

^ I Will Sleep in My Car
If you could hear the things I'm thinking, you'd probably want me to sleep. If you could hear the things I'm dreaming, you probably wouldn't get to sleep. Well it's too bad I was awake to hear the things that you'd say. And it's too bad I was away to leave you there to cheat on me. Well I'm sorry I left you in such a state of disrepair. I wanted to be there. I wanted to stay there. But tonight I'm going to run. Now I run. Well I'm sorry if it's making you hurt. Hurt's the only thing I know. It's the only thing to know. Leaving was the hardest thing. Leaving was the smartest thing.

^ Frustrating Occurrences
I know that this can be frustrating. These bonds exist. They'll hold. They'll last. You've been fighting this with all that you have. And I've been wanting this, giving everything. I didn't mean to leave you. You've been leaving your life, but it's all in your mind. I'll be waiting here, hoping you will survive. Don't say that it's broken. Don't say that at the end. Not after it held on for so long. I know that this can be frustrating. I can't stand to think that this all was for nothing. I can't stand to think that this all will end.

^ On the Other Side of the Planet
Please do me a favor, and stay at a distance. Where I can see all of you, and not have to focus. You look so pretty when you never notice me. When you're on the other side of the planet. Nothing can touch you. My eyes are poor but I still know that you're not smoking. With a smile that's pure and a purpose that's sure, I've become consumed with envy. I'd like a two way mirror so I could look in on your traveling adventure and you would never know that I was there, so you could focus on being gone. So far from here. I doubt you'll ever really know how I feel about you. Still, there's a chance that I will see you when you're home. I'm good at clinging to chances.

^ Adolescent Astronauts
Don't try to remind me that it's poor behavior from me. I am letting loose on a maiden ship to seas where obstructions do not exist. Marker fumes and teenage dreams all mean something to me. Every thing I've always wanted now I have and I don't plan on leaving just because I can.

^ New Arrangement
I am the product of your new arrangement. I have come to take all of your dreams away. If you don't change I have been waiting for you; and you won't be surprised but you will be amazed that what you hold you can't taste. Run to your father and your mother too. Your sisters, if you had any, would seem immune. So if I am not surprised should I be ashamed that I liked the voice and I liked the change? We all fall into the sun and it burns off what we have put on. Peer into the river of blood and see if your reflection is gone. Open your eyes you are not the only one. You never were the only one.

^ Sophie Say Something
Oh Sophie, there's so few like you and me. Please believe me when I say that she meant nothing. Please Sophie, turn around. Oh Sophie, please speak to me. Oh Sophie please say something. Oh Sophie, there's so few like you and me. Please believe me when I say that she meant nothing. Oh Sophie please believe me. You've got to believe. Oh Sophie. Sophie please.

^ Stranger
Wipe the sleep from your eyes. Woke a million times last night. Saw you on the street. Said you can't move on. You're right. So why are they chasing you to sleep each night? Just to see your face going through the change of when you awake in a different place? Don't you ever tire of being a stranger? But still you're chasing them to sleep each night. You used to be a genius. Well that's what they said, anyway.