September 3, 2004  
The End.
- Posted by: Mike

June 16, 2004  
We have a couple shows coming up. One is in Lakeland this Friday. Please note: the venue has moved. The show is now at Johnson Sound. Some of the details of the show still have question marks, but hopefully I'll be able to eliminate those sometime before Friday. We look forward to seeing some of our friends from the greater Tampa area. It should be a good time. The other show is in Tallahassee a week from tomorrow. All details are on the shows page. Also, our demo is on the now. Download them again, for the first time. Thanks.
- Posted by: Mike

May 24, 2004  
We have a show at the Beta Bar next Friday. That's the 4th day of June. Click shows.
- Posted by: Mike

May 13, 2004  
The show in Fort Myers on May 22 has been cancelled. Sorry. We are working on setting up another show in Fort Myers to replace it. Also, we are working on setting up shows in other places. Let us know if you can help. Thanks.
- Posted by: Mike

April 22, 2004  
We played a couple of shows last week. How about that? Yeah. The only show we currently have scheduled is on May 22 in Fort Myers. We are all wicked excited about this show. Maybe we will play some others between now and then. We'll play it by ear. See how it goes. Go to the shows page for the details.
- Posted by: Mike

April 7, 2004  
Thank you to everyone who came out last night to the Beta Bar. We had a blast and can't wait to do it again. Also, be sure to check out the shows page for the details on when we're playing next, and hopefully we'll see you there.
- Posted by: Kevin

March 29, 2004  
Welcome to our website. If you fall into my camp of thinking that Mikey did a great job on it, you should go ahead and sign that guestbook and let him know. We'd also love to hear any feedback that you may have on our demo that was recorded this past weekend, which you can listen to under the "Music" link above.

Another thing- the name of our band is The Doctor and Me, and I like that a lot. According to some, it's even a fitting name for our sound, which makes it so much the better. But today I had to fill out a form for a PO Box, and the guy at the Post Office gave me such a look when he read back the name of my "organization." I flashed a nervous smile and explained that it was a band. He hardly seemed amused.

Point being, I'm counting on that PO Box being filled to the gills with letters as a means to justify today's awkwardness. We'll have the address up in a day or two, so get your pens to battle stations and I'll be checking it daily.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Things are only just beginning.
- Posted by: Kevin

March 28, 2004  
Welcome to the new website for The Doctor and Me. We recorded a demo of three songs yesterday. You can download MP3s in the music section. This page is still missing some things, but they'll be added in time. Sign the guestbook to let us know what you think. Hopefully we'll be setting up some shows very soon. Keep checking back for those. Thank you.
- Posted by: Mike

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