boring story

"the highs and lows of fidelity"

News: This is not really a "label." It never really was, either. Also, pretty much any band associated with boring story has broken up.

MP3 Downloads: [building character] [still waiting] [brett johnston] [brett johnston (older songs)] [kevin seeber] [kevin seeber (myspace)]
[document] [document (myspace)] [oh, the horror!] [sixteen hours] [the doctor and me]

For posterity: [sixteen hours] [violetta] [oh, the horror!] [the doctor and me]

Available Crap

BS001: Sixteen Hours - "All Is Bright" (CD - 5 songs)
BS002: Sixteen Hours / VIOLETTA - "The Highs and Lows of Fidelity" (CD - 8 songs)
The Doctor and Me - Demo (CD-R - 3 songs)
Sixteen Hours - Shirt
Sixteen Hours - Stickers

If you want any of this stuff, send an e-mail. I would only ask you to send a couple bucks for shipping. Also, InterPunk still has some copies of "All Is Bright."

CONTACT: info[at]